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The database of ancestors here starts around the turn of the century and goes back to the 15th century in some areas. My people were predominantly Quaker, with a healthy smattering of Germans and Scot-Irish. Most of them lived in Pennsylvania at one time or another.

There are currently 229,183 people in this database as I have added many related lines in addition to my direct ancestral lines.

There are errors in this work, some of which I'm already aware, some have yet to be pointed out to me -- if you see a mistake or can add information to anything here, please let me know. Where there are no sources for a record, chances are I started getting lazy. Some of the information came from the internet and online services. A great deal of it however, is from published genealogies and church records. Take a piece of advice -- if the source was something other than church records or public documents like will records, try to substantiate the information with another source. Though far from perfect, I would still rather have faulty records than none at all! Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions!

Before you send in your questions about the surnames found in this database, I would really appreciate if you take a moment to see what info is already in the database about the surname in question -- I get an awful lot of mail from people whose questions would be answered by checking the database first. If the info's here, it is probably all I know about a line at this point!

As of July 7, 2020, this database will no longer be updated. I haven't found any new listings in a while, but will leave the site up for those looking to work on their own family trees. This is a culmination of over thirty years' worth of research, so hopefully many others will benefit from the archive.

If you have any questions or additional information on people listed here, please e-mail me at smrash@pennock.ws.

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Last updated July 7, 2020

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